Jun.-Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Sabine Meier

Jun.-Prof. für Räumliche Entwicklung und Inklusion
+49 271 740-3704
Mobil: +49 176 63114098
H-C 7307

Sabine Meier is a Juniorprofessor ´Spatial Development and Social Inclusion´ at the University of Siegen. She completed her PhD degree in Urban Geography at the University of Amsterdam, and her Bachelor degrees in Sociology at the University of Amsterdam (NL) and in Architecture at the RWTH Aachen (D). Before training as an Urban geographer/sociologist, Dr Sabine Meier worked in Dutch architectural and urban planning offices and for a huge housing corporation in Amsterdam.
Her main areas of research include: migration and mid-sized cities; inclusive public spaces; social inclusion in cities and neighbourhoods; theory of social distinction, place-identity, rescaling of cities and uneven geographical development. Her particular areas of geographical interest are the Netherlands and Germany.
Dr Meier teaches courses in introductory urban geography/sociology for students of architecture, theory of public spaces, social inclusion (of migrants) in cities and qualitative research methods such as social spatial analysis for students of social work and architecture.