Team Management Automation: When will your boss be a robot?

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Guest researcher and cooperation partner Dr. Olaf Flak from the University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland, gave insights in his research project about online management tools.

There are serious problems in management sciences concerning the methodology to gain more knowledge about what managers really do. To get rid of this, Dr. Olaf Flak has been working on a research tool for several years. If there are supposed to be artificial managers in the future, this will be essential. Therefore, Olaf Flak focuses on various questions:

  • What is possible to know about the management environment?
  • How are the facts happening just in time?
  • What is possible to measure?
  • How to build a research tool?
  • How to measure the facts by tools?
  • How to build an artificial manager?

By facts, Olaf Flak distinguishes between four characteristics. There are objective facts which everybody recognizes, subjective facts only oneself can notice, things that are stable as well as events representing movements and processes respectively.

Developing a research tool to measure managing processes, Olaf Flak transferred physical observations like people do things (the facts) serially into management processes. As only single steps but no order are distinguishable in management, he wants to design tools to monitor all actions. With this huge differences in individual working processes could be revealed, e. g. in the way of planning.

When it comes to artificial managers, humans are needed because first of all robots imitate their behavior. To give advice, an artificial manager needs to recognize patterns. With a research tool monitoring all actions Olaf Flak strives for establishing a basis for developing future artificial managers. As soon as unaided machines can accomplish every task better and more cheaply than humans, artificial managers could become reality.